kebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. This traditional and formal art may seem esoteric, but this is not the case. Anyone is capable of creating a fantastic work of art by themselves after acquiring the basic concepts and fundamental skills of this art.

Learning ikebana promotes a better understanding of the Japanese view of nature; a crucial step in appreciating the unique aesthetics, emotions and thoughts that merge to create this visual art form.

Flower arranging used to be a required "mannerism" for well-educated men, such as samurais or monks.

Since you have travelled to this "strange island", it would be a waste not to experience our genuinely unique culture!

- Price: 5,000 JPY
- Flower material fee included
- Duration: 90 min

1. Introduction: Introduction of essential knowledge about ikebana, its history and background.
2. Instruction: By watching the instruction, you will learn the basic concepts, allowing you to grasp an image for your own work.
3. Hands-on: Try to create an ikebana art work yourself! We'll give you a hand when you need it.

金額 (税込) 5,000 円事前決済





373-26 Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto



5.0(11 件のレビュー)

Tea Ceremony

The highlight of my trip. One of the best experience I had in Japan. Highly Recommended!!!

Tea Ceremony

Very impress by the spirit of ikebana and traditional Japanese culture. I have a wonderful time with Ms. Ami.

Tea Ceremony

One of the best things I did in Japan. It's a memorable and fun way to get to know the traditional Japanese culture.

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