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Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto Townhouse

Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto Townhouse

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363-27 Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto



4.9(140 Reviews)

Ikebana Experience in Kyoto Townhouse

My family of 4 (2 young-adult children) did the flower arranging with Kimi. The lesson takes place in a machiya, with tatami mats on the floors (so shoes are removed), which adds to the experience.
Kimi was very engaging, and clearly knowledgeable about Ikebana and its history. She made the lesson a lot of fun, and we highly recommend this! We each did our own arranging, then Kimi gave suggestions on how, just by moving a branch or making a small cut, we could improve our creations. We really enjoyed our time with her.
A note about the location: I did print out the "instructions for taxi drivers" in Japanese from the website, but the taxi driver still seemed a bit concerned, continually looking at the paper I gave him. Despite this, he found the top of the street, pointing that it was just "over there" as we got out of the car. I was concerned that he was just trying to get rid of us, but after walking up the road a bit, we found it. I say this only so people will add a few minutes to travel time, to allow for this.

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Dear Carolyn,

Thank you very much for taking part in our ikebana class and writing a review for us! We are more than happy to know you all enjoyed the class and satisfied with the content. I feel embarrassed with your comment as it's too good for me, but I'd like to receive it with gratitude. It was such a pleasant and meaningful time for me, too, since your family were really friendly and bright. We are also happy you liked our small townhouse and feeling of tatami mats.

We feel sorry the taxi driver was not so kind and acquainted with ways. As Kyoto city has a lot of small alleys, taxi drivers are sometimes can't find the right place... We appreciate you could find us eventually.

We hope you made a lot of good memories in Japan and we'll meet you again anytime soon. Thank you so much!!

Warm Regards,

Calligraphy Experience in Kyoto Townhouse

An excellent experience. I learned things about the Japanese language that I never knew before. We learned all of the fundamentals about starting calligraphy including how to create our own ink, very interesting. We also were exposed to the incredible skill that is required to do calligraphy in an reasonably decent way. There is so much mastery that is required to do this well. While I was not good at this, our instructor was so patient and supportive and this helped greatly. I LOVED having the opportunity to start to learn about this art. I strongly recommend this experience and I especially recommend Amy Kyoto's studio. They know what they are doing. Anyone who has even a minor interest in calligraphy and for those who want to learn about different aspects of traditional Japanese culture will find this experience rewarding.

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Thank you very much for attending our calligraphy lesson and writing such a lovely review for us. We are more than glad to know that you enjoyed the lesson and gained a lot of knowledge of Japanese culture and calligraphy.
Every single word you describe here means so much to us and will encourage other travelers to want to know more about Japanese culture through our calligraphy class.
We cannot thank you enough for your kind words.
Please come back to our other lessons and give us a try to provide you more Japanese culture here.
We are looking forward to seeing you again sometime in the future.

Warm regards,

Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto Townhouse

Mari was an amazing host! Very knowledgeable about the customs and traditions surrounding the ceremony and she did a great job demonstrating and teaching us before we tried ourselves. My friend and I were lucky enough to be the only ones booked into mid afternoon slot that day so we essentially had a private ceremony. It was a fantastic experience to relax on a warm spring afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Kyoto for an hour or two.

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Dear Luke,

Thank you very much for attending our tea ceremony and spending such a quality time together and we really appreciate that you gave five-star review here. It means so much to us.
You two made yourselves a great audience and wonderful students! The best part is we could share the information about not only Japanese culture but also your culture in Australia!
We are sure that you are having a relaxing time with matcha by your amazing whisking skill back there.
Please keep up finding time for yourself even during busy hour and treat yourself better.

When you come back to Japan again, please stop by and say hi because you're always welcomed to our little townhouse.
Thank you so much once again.

Best wishes,

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