Rickshaw “Kurumaya” 45-minute course

Rickshaw “Kurumaya” 45-minute course

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The rickshaw, "Jinrikisha" in Japanese, which was used as a means of transportation from Meiji to early Showa era is active in tourist spot currently.
Please enjoy talking with the friendly rickshaw driver and traveling around the city of Asakusa with genuine-oriented rickshaw.
And take the memories of Japan back to your country.

45-minute course (60 分 16,000 円)

45 minutes sightseeing experience in Asakusa by genuine-oriented rickshaw departing and ending at "Marugoto Hokkaido Kaminarimon".

金額 (税込) 16,000 円事前決済

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KABUKI Dinner Show / Seat S

Great performance, wonderful staff, delicious food, recommend anyone for an unforgettable Kabuki experience, arigato miyabiya!!!



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