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4.8(16 件のレビュー)

Mt. Nokogiri Hiking & Onsen One-day Bus trip in Chiba

The hike up Mt. Nokogiri was enjoyable although some stretches required some effort for me to climb. But, we had wonderful Coto leaders who were thoughtful and understanding. They were mindful of any first-timers and those who may find the trek a bit challenging. The view at the peak was beautiful! The onsen after the hike was certainly refreshing for our tired bodies. And the karaoke in the bus on the way back was indeed entertaining. I had a wonderful time and look forward to the next hike.

Calligraphy Class

For the calligraphy class: I enjoyed it, the teacher was super nice, but I felt it was a bit quiet. I would have liked more explanations about calligraphy, more advice from the teacher. Even more information about the teacher! Who is she, is calligraphy her full-time job... We had plenty of time to practice, which was great, and the teacher was sometimes guiding us, that was awesome. I’d like to go again!

All-you-can-drink Japanese sake workshop

The event was really fun and I learned a lot about how sake is made and the different varieties available. It was really nice to have someone translating for when my Japanese was not enough.