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4.8(137 Reviews)

Cooking Class (Oshi-Zushi)

Grand Sumo Tournament

It was a great opportunity to take part in an exciting, genuine Sumo Tournament, with all of the main figures on stage.

Grand Sumo Tournament

I like that we had the freedom to arrive/leave anytime, that we all weren’t caught up in the crowds together. It was nice meeting other students!

Grand Sumo Tournament

Good experience to watch sumo tournament during my stay in Japan

Grand Sumo Tournament

Lunch Tour in Kagurazaka Kaga

Good food, nice neighborhood, fun to get to know other students outside my class

Bento Chat Hour!

Very fun and friendly!

Bento Chat Hour!

The volunteers were so friendly, patient, and helpful. I really enjoyed speaking with them. They were also very good at initiating different conversation topics.

Calligraphy Class

Relaxed and fun atmosphere. Very enjoyable.

Cooking Class (Shikaimaki / Oshizushi / Inari & Temari)

Class was a lot of fun and registration was easy.