Gojyo Area Tour Backyard Tour to the Artisans’ Workshop

Gojyo Area Tour Backyard Tour to the Artisans’ Workshop

This walking tour takes you to visit artisans at work, making various traditional crafts necessary for eating, clothing, housing, and entertaining. Although their workplaces are usually not open to the public, this tour allows you to closely observe the workers’ hand skills which were handed down for generations. You will also be able to understand the essence and esthetics of Kyoto culture through talking to these artisans. These cannot be experienced in normal sight seeing. Why don’t you try this profound version of “Kyoto experience”?

■ Gojyo Area Tour: Visiting a pottery, a Buddhist altar equipment workshop, and Ajiki alley where the young artisans meet

Gojyo area is nearby the world heritage Kiyomizu temple. Many potteries have long been established in this area to create beautiful Kiyomizu wares, so the area is also known as the “Town of pottery.” Even today, you can see many workshops and pottery stores in this area. During this tour, we will guide you to observe a pottery (1) and a Buddhist altar equipment workshop (2). Later, we will take you to visit a paper-cutting artist (3) at her workshop set in a traditional architecture called Nagaya (a row house). In this 100-year-old Nagaya named “Ajiki alley,” around ten young artists reside and work together.

■ Visits(1) : Tousen Gama / Pottery
Since Kyoto has long been a capital city in history, a wide range of pottery culture has developed in order to provide plates and tea bowls. Artisans have refined their skills to meet the requests of their clients with particular taste, and have been creating elegant and sophisticated art pieces. Tousen Gama was established in 1872 as a Kiyomizu ware wholesaler. Their pieces are popular because they are not just traditional, but also elegant, heartwarming, and made to match the modern lifestyles. Since the present master Mr.Tetsuya Taniguchi has a profound knowledge of tea ceremony and Japanese flower arrangement, the esthetic senses of which are also reflected in their pieces.

■ Visits(2) : Tomita Kougei / Buddhist Altar Equipment Workshop
Buddhism is one of the two largest religions in Japan. The pure faith of Buddhists lead to creating beautiful statues of Buddha to worship and long been protected. Many of these statues are carved in wood and painted over with bright colors or plated with gold. For over 80 years, Tomita Kougei has been creating and repairing those statues and Buddhist altar equipments. As the third generation, two brothers became independent from their father to take over the family business. They work ambitiously in Gojyo area creating statues and also repairing cultural heritages. The younger brother Mutsumi also established a silver jewelry brand using his carving skills to create Buddhist altar equipments.

■ Visits(3) : Ms. Megumi Mochizuki / Paper-cutting Artist
Paper-cutting art is to create pictures with beautiful lines and black and white contrasts by cutting out a piece of paper. This skill originated in Japan to make Shinto ritual equipments, and later have been developed to make pattern papers for Kimono designs. While absorbing this specific Japanese paper-cutting culture, Ms. Megumi Mochizuki also developed her own sensitivity and distinctive skills. As an active artist, she has been working on magazine illustrations, dedication pieces for temples and shrines, and installations for exhibitions. You will surely be astonished by the delicate work and the smooth curve lines.

■ Meeting point / Dismissing place
Keihan railway Kiyomizu-Gojō Station exit5 / Keihan railway Tofukuji Station east exit.

■ Duration
2 hours-3hours

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Meals, drinks, purchases for souvenirs

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