EXPERIENCE KENDO is designed for families, group or individuals who want to learn the basic movements, techniques and history of Kendo. After 20 minutes lecture, you will put on Kendo armors and begin physical practice. Please don't be afraid! It is very safe sport. Women, children over 6 years old and even elderly people are welcomed!

The main Dojo or venue will be at the Kyoto's own Butokuden (The photo above is it) in Kyoto Budo Center. The Dojo was built in 1899. Since then, Butokuden has been one of the most sacred martial art training center in Japan. In 1996, Japanese government recognized and registered it as a nation's important cultural property. (Please note that sometimes the Dojo is occupied by other martial arts events. In that case, we will use sub-Dojo within the same property of Kyoto Budo Center.)

金額 (税込) 7,000 円〜事前決済可現地支払い可








5.0(4 件のレビュー)


An excellent experience. The instructor was very informative and took time to answer questions and provide proper demonstrations for everyone in the class.

EXTREME KENDO (Basic + Combat)

A great experience - highly recommended for all ages. Tomo taught us some of the history of this fascinating sport and also helped each of us individually to learn a few kendo moves. We came away with great respect for the origins and discipline of kendo and a deeper understanding of Japanese history and culture. A beautiful venue and a warm and welcoming host/teacher. Small class size (only 6 of us the day we were there). One of the highlights of our trip.


Take a break from the touring and learn about the history of Kendo and Tomo's personal experience of being raised with the bushido philosophy. And then get a good workout while you learn how to perform Kendo.

Experience KENDO in Kyoto

Experience KENDO in Kyoto

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