Experience KENDO in Kyoto

Experience KENDO in Kyoto

Office: 27-10 Nishihachiokacho Uzumasa Ukyoku Kyoto

Welcome to "Experience KENDO" reservation page. My name is Tomoyoshi Yamanaka. I am your instructor for this program. I am a direct descendant of one of the last Samurais in the Hikone clan in Shiga prefecture. KENDO and BUSHIDO were the deep rooted traditional values I grew up with. It is my honor to introduce to you one of our nation's proud cultures.

When the Meiji Reformation took place in 1867, the long feudal system under the Tokugawa Shogunate ended and the era of Samurai was over. However, even in the Meiji modernization period, the deep rooted spirit and moral code of Bushido (meaning way of the Samurai) remained in the hearts of most Japanese. Even today, spirit of Bushido uniquely survived in conscious or subconscious level of Japanese mind. Understanding Bushido perhaps is the best way to help you understanding why Japanese do what they do.

Kendo (meaning the way of sword) is a Japanese martial art that is derived from swordsmanship practiced by the Samurais. In this course, you will be able to experience wearing the full Kendo armors and learn some of the basic movements and techniques. In addition, a short lecture on Bushido and Q&A time will be provided.

Today, Kendo is practiced as a competitive sport across the world while respecting and maintaining the ancient traditions of Bushido. Come and experience the real heartbeat of Japan!

★Ladies, please bring your own T-shirts and short pants that you will be wearing under the Kendo-gi (Kendo clothing).
★Especially in Summer season, please take enough water before the workshop. Bringing a bottle of water or sport drink may be an excellent idea.


5.0(4 件のレビュー)

Experience KENDO

An excellent experience. The instructor was very informative and took time to answer questions and provide proper demonstrations for everyone in the class.

Extreme Kendo

A great experience - highly recommended for all ages. Tomo taught us some of the history of this fascinating sport and also helped each of us individually to learn a few kendo moves. We came away with great respect for the origins and discipline of kendo and a deeper understanding of Japanese history and culture. A beautiful venue and a warm and welcoming host/teacher. Small class size (only 6 of us the day we were there). One of the highlights of our trip.

Experience KENDO

Take a break from the touring and learn about the history of Kendo and Tomo's personal experience of being raised with the bushido philosophy. And then get a good workout while you learn how to perform Kendo.