Experience KENDO in Kyoto

Experience KENDO in Kyoto

Office: 27-10 Nishihachiokacho Uzumasa Ukyoku Kyoto

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The workshop is normally held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. And the main Dojo (a martial art gymnasium) will be at the Kyoto's own Butokuden (In Kyoto Budo Center). The building was built in 1899, since then, this Dojo has been one of the most influential martial art training center in Japan. In 1996, Japanese government registered it as one of Nation's Important Cultural Properties.

This course begins with a short self introduction of the instructor who is the fourth generation descendant of one of last samurais (His name was Yoshishige Hayashi from Hikone clan.) He will also give a short lecture on Kendo and "Bushido" (Principle of Samurai). We move on to physical training on basic Kendo movements and techniques. Finally, as we close the workshop, we will have a moment of Mokuso (Japanese meditation or mindfulness) to quiet down the "Ki" (An oriental concept of inner energy). This workshop is no show. This offers you authentic learning experience over the foundation of Japanese mentality and how it can also contribute to expansion of your world view. I trust this will be your one of the highlight experiences during your stay in Japan!

★Ladies, please bring your own T-shirt and short pants that you will be wearing under the Kendo-gi (wear).
★Bring a bottle of water or sport drink.


5.0(6 件のレビュー)

EXTREME KENDO (Basic + Combat) 8000 yen

First of all, I am personally touched by Mr. Tomoyoshi Yamanaka's personal perspective on Bushido (he grew up with it) and his reflections as a Kendo practitioner x Christian Pastor, best authentic experience of one of the key Japanese cultural tradition!!!

The Kendo lesson itself was well paced and perfect for beginners, Mr. Yamanaka has been very patience, professional and encouraging the whole time, throughout the lesson he has been very attentive, thorough and caring. The equipment are well maintained and clean, the location, a over 150yrs old building, is actually the birth place of Kendo as a sport, there is a VIP box where the emperors used to visit Kendo practice and competition... overall, it has been such an honor and amazing experience!!!


Very good experience. Recommend to those who likes to have a taste of kendo.


An excellent experience. The instructor was very informative and took time to answer questions and provide proper demonstrations for everyone in the class.