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カキモリ / inkstnad by kakimori 

カキモリ / inkstnad by kakimori 

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tel:tel 050-1744-8546
〒111-0055 東京都台東区三筋1-6-2
mail: kakimori.kuramae@bungu.co.jp

【inkstand by kakimori】
〒111-0051 東京都台東区蔵前4-20-12
email: inkstand@bungu.co.jp


[ kakimori ] https://kakimori.com/english
tel 050.1744.8546
from overseas +81.50.1744.8546
mail: kakimori.kuramae@bungu.co.jp
1-6-2, Misuji, Taito, Tokyo, Japan zip.1110055

[ inkstand by kakimori ] https://inkstand.jp/english
tel 050 1744 8547
from overseas +81.50.1744.8547
email: inkstand@bungu.co.jp
4–20–12 Kuramae‚ Taito‚ Tokyo‚ Japan zip.1110051


4.9(32 Reviews)


The staff is really professional and friendly, the instructions were easy to understand. I had a great time mixing my own unique ink colour.




Staff are very nice and friendly. I speak very less Japanese, but she has tried her best to communicate with me in English still. The environment is great, very comfy and leisure. The choices of inks are more than enough for my need to create at least a tons of DIY colours. Their display of tools that I need amazes me and shows how organized they are. I have enjoyed my 45 minutes a lot and wish to come back in near future.