Haunted House Party 2016

English below※今年もハロウィンパーティを10月29日((土))17時~に中清戸地域市民センターで開催します。16時に教室前から会場までゾロゾロ歩いて行く予定です。可愛い子どもたち(大人も是非(OK))のコスチュームを見せびらかしましょう。寒いので上着を忘れずに。1家族につき2000円です(当日払いok)。会場ではゲームや去年盛り上がったお化け屋敷を今年はバージョンアップして行います。お化けさんにもイメトレをしっかりしてもらっている所です。参加希望のファミリーはゲーム等に参加できるお子様の人数を教えてください(お土産お菓子や名札を人数分準備します)コメントからでも直接メールやレッスン時でも構いません。

The halloween party will be held on Oct 29, saturday at the hall in Nakakiyoto Chiiki Shimin Center(中清戸地域市民センター) starting from 5pm. We are assembling infront of our classroom at 4 pm and doing a parade to the hall. It would be cold outside so don't forget to bring your and kids' jackets. Let's show lil cute kids' costumes around.( parents' also?) Entrance fee will be ¥2000 per a fam. We are having a haunted house section with Mr. ghost in it. He's getting ready for the party and practicing to scare kids out. Also we'll have some games for kids. Just inform me how many kids of yours are attening.We need number of the kids so that we know how many giveaways to prepare. We'll text you back for more details. Anybody who comes will be welcome so if you want to bring your friends just share this post. This application will be closed as soon as the number reaches the capacity. Thanks!

金額 2,000 円



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