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Matcha and Sake (Uji & Fushimi) course

Matcha and Sake (Uji & Fushimi) course

Matcha and Sake (Uji & Fushimi) course

In addition to the popular shrine "Fushimi Inari" for foreign tourists, it is a course that allows you to enjoy sightseeing and gourmand, visiting the tea ceremony "Uji" in the south of Kyoto, liquor place "Fushimi". In Uji, I will visit World Heritage · Byōdō-in and Ujikami Shrine and also experience experiencing Matcha by myself. In Fushimi, while enjoying the state of Japanese sake making at sake brewery, enjoy yourself with kiraku.

◎ 9: 30 gathering 10: 00 starting 18: 00 ending (8 hours)
Meeting place: Kyoto concierge salon
Fumi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 384 http://concierge-salon.com
End location: Keihan Fushimiyama station

Participation fee One person 8000 yen (tax included)
※ The price includes transportation fee and admission fee during the tour. Lunch is not included.
The minimum number of persons to perform the tour is 4.
The main guide will be guidance in English. If you want guidance in Japanese, the assistant guide will explain in Japanese. Please let us know when you apply.

Fushimi Inari → Byodoin → Uji top Shrine → Experience of tea ceremony → Kouso-ji Temple or Mie Murotoji (depending on the season) → Laurelia Okura Memorial Museum (Japanese sake museum) → Liquor experience

(Fushimi Inari Shrine)
The old main shrine founded in the 8th century, the total main shrine of Inari shrine with about 30,000 companies nationwide. As a god of food and harvest in the past, faith as a god of commerce is now also serious. In the precinct spreading across the Inari mountain, there are over 10,000 vermillion torii, especially the place called "Senbon Torii" is a great photo spot.

It is a World Heritage Site at a Buddhist temple erected a thousand years ago. Vermillion's Phoenix Hall and gardens represent "paradise" for people of the day. It is also drawn in Japanese 10 yen coins.

(Uji Shrine)
A shrine of world heritage quietly standing on the other side of Byodo-in Temple. The rustic main building architecture is the oldest existing shrine building. It is surrounded by the surrounding nature while it is a small temple, and a clean air flows.

(Koshinda, Mii Murotoji)
"Kosho-ji" is famous as a landscape for autumn leaves and is a Zen temple where you can experience zazen. "Mie Murotoji" is a temple known as "Temple of Flowers", you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as early summer hydrangea and summer lotus. We will inform you of the temple recommended by the season.

(Moonlin Okura Memorial Museum)
"Japanese sake museum" in Fushimi where more than 20 brewery stores gather, one of Japan's leading drinks. It is operated by a liquor maker "Laurelia crown" which has a history of 380 years in this place.

(Liquor experience)
Sake made from rice "Sake" is indispensable for Japanese history and people's lives. Experience the delicious and versatile flavor through tender whiskey.

<Included in tour fee>
Train ...... JR Kyoto ~ Inari shipping 140 yen
Train ...... JR Inari - Uji 240 yen
Train ...... Keihan Uji to Nakadoshima 270 yen
Byodoin ... .... 900 yen
Kinkoji temple or Mu Murotoji temple ...... 500 yen
Laurel crown ...... 300 yen
Tsushin sake ... 1500 yen (Option, applicant only)
2350 yen

Tour organized by Kyoto Concierge Salon
TEL 075-354-5261



◎ 9:30集合 10:00スタート 18:00終了 (8時間)
      京都市下京区文覚町384 http://concierge-salon.com
終了場所:京阪 伏見桃山駅

参加費用 一人 8000円(税込)

伏見稲荷 → 平等院 → 宇治上神社 → 茶道体験 → 興聖寺 又は 三室戸寺(季節によって異なる)→ 月桂冠大倉記念館(日本酒の資料館) → 利き酒体験







電車……JR京都〜稲荷 140円
電車……JR稲荷〜宇治 240円
電車……京阪 宇治〜中書島 270円
興聖寺 or 三室戸寺……500円

主催 京都コンシェルジュサロン
連絡先 075-354-5261

Price 8,000 yen

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