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"Ohara" in Kyoto, Sanzenin, Shou-rin-in,Hohsen-in

"Ohara" in Kyoto, Sanzenin, Shou-rin-in,Hohsen-in

Guided tour for tourist and local. "Ohara" in Kyoto, Sanzenin, Shou-rin-in,Hohsen-in,etc

A tour to visit the village of Ohara spreading at the foot of Mt. Hiei where there is a head temple of Tendai sect in the northeast of Kyoto city. In the area where royalty, aristocracy, Buddhist teacher once retired, rich nature remained, healing the hearts of visitors with the seasonal scenery. Vegetables nurtured locally are also delicious, pickles are also a specialty.

◎ 10 00 start, 16:00 end (6 hours)
Meeting place: Keihan Demachi Yanagi Station Ticket gate
End Location: Ohara

Participation fee One person 8000 yen (tax included)
※ The price includes transportation fee and admission fee during the tour. Lunch is not included.
The minimum number of persons to perform the tour is four.
The main guide will be guidance in English. If you want guidance in Japanese, the assistant guide will explain in Japanese. Please let us know when you apply.

Sanzenin → Sho-rin-in → Hoh-rin-in → Kurisutani Amidaji → Hakkoin → Ohara Yamasou footbath cafe

Tendai sect temple where numerous cultural properties are transmitted including the Amitabha Sansei statue of national treasure. Originated from the dango which was built in the 8th century, it later became the prestigious high school temple which the Royal family carries. The cedar grove garden where the moss densely is also beautiful.

Established in the 11th century at Tendai Buddhist temple. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Buddhist music "Tendai Statement (Shoumyou)" which is written in the Buddhist scriptures with clauses in the legal requirements and rituals of the temple.

The tower head of Katsumira-in. An old tree of Gorya Matsu 700 years old is a symbol. The garden that is popular as the "garden of the picture frame" is popular because it is interesting to see indoor pillars as picture frames and to appreciate. When watching, matcha and sweets are served.

(Kochidani Amida Temple)
Even in Ohara, it is a temple in the mountainous ancient intellectual village. It is a secret place of autumn leaves that people who know it are wrapped in silence.

A historic temple built at the end of the 6th century. Nuns are serving as priests for generations, and there is a gentle atmosphere in the precincts. After worshiping, take a break at the "Foot bath Cafe" where the nearby hot-spring lodging runs. You can taste tea and coffee while you have your feet on hot springs while healing tiredness.

<Included in tour fee>
Bus ...... Ichigo Yanagi ~ Ohara 430 yen
Bus ...... Ohara ~ Kochi Tani (roundtrip) 320 yen
Sanzenin ... .... 700 yen
Sho-rin-in ... .... 300 yen
Ho-sen-in .... 800 yen (matcha + sweets)
Amidaji ... .... 400 yen
Ikkoin ... ... 600 yen
Drink at the cafe ... ...800 yen
4350 yen

Tour organized by Kyoto Concierge Salon
Contact address 075-354-5261
info @ concierge-salon, com
http: // concierge-salon, com



◎ 10:00スタート、16:00終了 (6時間)
集合場所:京阪 出町柳駅改札

参加費用 一人8000円(税込)

三千院 → 勝林院 → 宝泉院 → 古知谷阿弥陀寺へ → 寂光院 → 大原山荘足湯カフェ





バス……出町柳〜大原 430円
カフェ飲み物代 ... ...800円

主催 京都コンシェルジュサロン
連絡先 075-354-5261

Price 8,000 yen

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