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“MIBU” is the name of the area near Mibu temple. With abundant natural water, the area was ideal place for dyeing factories. Still now, there are many small family-run dyeing factories dyeing fabric in old methods.
In this tour, we will visit two very unique factories where are not open to public normally.

1.Yamamoto Sen Kojo (dyeing factory)
Established in 1930, the factory has been making kimono costumes used in theater plays, movies and TV dramas. They are specialized in making costumes by analyzing the background of the era, occupation and class of people. They have over 100,000 patterns and designs carefully taken over from old generations. Now a young Shokunin (Craftsman) are trying new designs by using old skills and technique.

2.Kawai Hata Sen Kojo (dyeing factory)
Hata means flags. In this 100-year-old factory, three craftsmen there are making not just flags, but Noren, Furoshiki, and many different products rooted in Japanese customs. Since they sometimes dye a huge piece of fabric (like 30 meter long,) the factory is big.
Mr. Kawai, the master Shokunin is now teaching two young shokunins to take over his skills that no one else can do except for him in Kyoto.

■Meeting place: Kyoto Concierge Salon

■Meeting time: Nov.28th (Tue) at 1:00pm

■Paeticipation fee: 5,000yen / person (Transportation included)

13:00 Meet in the Salon
13:00-14:00 Explore the 300-year-old samurai house / Introduce each other over a cup of tea / get some info about the tour…
14:00 Leave the salon. It takes about 10 mins to arrive at the Mibu area by taxi.
14:10-14:40 Yamamoto Some Factory
14:45-15:15 Kawai Hata Dyeing Factory

15:15-16:00 Fabric dyeing experience
After seeing the second factory, people who want to try the “some” (dyeing) workshop will stay for additional 30-45 min. Work with the craftsman to try some process.
★It is a workshop to dye white fabric with real Shokunin tools.
★Additional fee is 3,000yen.
★You can bring a “some” tapestry home. It can be a great souvenir to bring back a memory of Kyoto with you.

Attendees who want to try workshop… Please apply by noon of two days before the tour day (November 26th.)

・Inside factories, some parts can be narrow and dangerous to walk with shoes like high heels. So please wear shoes that are easy to walk with.
・Please ask before you touch something in the factories.
・We would like to know who are coming! If you ARE attending, please come to the event. If you have to cancel, that’s OK, but please email to 【info@concierge-salon.com】for cancellation, or call up to 075-354-5261…. Thank you!

Price 5,000 yen

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