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90-min class -Elective:Ninja or Samurai or Both
Ninja Experience (N90) 1-20 people
Be a Ninja: Ninja Star, Stealth Steps, Sword, Kuji, Blowgun
1. Opening meditation - Instructor Demonstration
2. Change to a ninja outfit
3 .Weaponry and tool introduction
4. Stealth practice
5. Sword practice
6. Ninja star throwing
7. Blowgun   Kujikiri
Photo time
Key concept: Five Ring Mindset
* When there are over 10 participants, we may extend the course by 15 minutes (with no additional charge)

Samurai Experience (D90) 1-12
Be a Samurai: Long and Short Swords, Boshuriken, Kusarifundo Chain, Namba Walk
1. Opening Meditation - Instructor Demonstration
2. Wesr a samurai hakama
3. Introduction to Samurai Swords
4. Reiho to show respect and other manners
5. Namba walk
6. Short Sword technique
7. Long sword technique
8. Kusarifudo (chain and weights)
9. Boshuriken
Photo time
Key concepts:
Gi (Righteousness),
Fudoshin (unshakable heart)
:* When there are over 10 participants, we may extend the course by 15 minutes (with no additional charge)

Dual Experience of Ninja & Samurai (NS90) 1-15 people

Be a Samurai : Short and Long Swords, BoShuriken, Chain, Namba Walk (2 hours)
1. Opening meditation - instructor demonstration
2. Change to a ninja outfit
3. Namba walk
4. Ninja star throwing
5. Blowgun
Photo time
6. Change to a samurai outfit
7. Kusarifundo chain entry level technique
8. Short sword techniques
9. Long sword - Kata
Photo time
Key Concept: Code of Ninshi
:* When there are over 10 participants, we may extend the course by 15 minutes (with no additional charge)
Ninja & Samurai Experience 忍者・侍体験 武蔵一族
Thank you very much for finding us.
Our Musashi Ninja Clan Honjin Dojo is rather hidden on the basement 4th floor
of a semi-government building named "Kikai Shinko Kaikan."
It is located across the street fromTokyo Tower Parking Entrance, on Tokyo Tower-dori
street. It's an old beige building with an orange signage of JP and 3 flag poles in front.
Please know there's no floor map of our floor at the main entrance of the building.
Most of the workers in the buildind do not know there's the basement 4th floor.
If anything, please ask a security guard.
Take either Elevator #1 or #4. Or you can come down the stairs.
Those are the only ways to come down to us.
On holidays and at night, the main entrance is closed, in that case,
you can use the east side entrance.

Ninja, Samurai, Ninja & Samurai Sessions with an instructor and an interpreter/trainer
Our ancestors were one of the first people who learned foreing languages in the 19th century,
as they were sent to Europe. So we know the importance of language proficiency.
If you want to know our philosophy, history and tradition, you need a reliable interpreter
with specialty knowledge. We provide our licensed interpreter/trainer in all of our experiences.
Cash payment can be arranged but note that the fee is 500 yen higher .
Cancellation policy: 7 - 2 days 50%, 1 day prior 70%, On the day 100%

phone: 81(0)90 3691 8165 email:
〒105-0011 東京都港区芝公園3丁目5-8 機械振興会館#B413 武蔵一族本陣道場
#B413 The Kikai Shinko Kaikan building, 3-5-8, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011

Musashi Ninja Clan Dojo's Information

東京都港区芝公園3-5-8 機械振興会館 地下4階
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