Elementary level 2 hour ninja training

The authentic and traditional ninja training. Elementary level include entry level 1 hour ninja training and additional 5 more techniques.
Ninja meditation 'Kuji-In', Ninja breathing, Ninja walking, Introduction gimmick and trap at ninja trick house, Training for Ninja sword, Kunai(Dagger), Kusarigama(Sickle with chain), Rope technique, Kunai with rope, Shuriken(Ninja star), Ninja sword with shuriken, Stick type shuriken and Ninja blowgun(blow darts).

The price is 12,000 yen per adult, 10,000 yen per kid(ages 5-14).

Kids(ages 5-14) are required to take the lesson with an adult.
Optional fee: The price of PRIVATE lesson is 72,000 yen per group(1-6 people) or 120,000 yen per group(7-10 people).

金額 12,000 円