Coubic Privacy Policy


Coubic Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "we") complies with laws and regulations related toprivate information and the following policy to ensure protection of the private informationprovided by users for the services, including but not limited to the services that we providethrough (Coubic website ( (herein after referred to as "this Service").

1. Definition of Private Information

Private information as defined in this Service refers to name, address, phone number,e-mail address, date of birth, company or group name which the user belongs to, jobtitle, bank account number, credit card number or other information that can identify anindividual by combining one or two private information necessary for this Service that weprovide.

2. Purpose of Use of Private Information

We only use private information in this Service within the following scope of use accordingto the Privacy Policy. Any private information is not used beyond this scope unless lawsor regulations related to private information allows or a user himself / herself agrees.

  • To provide this Service and introduce this Service
  • To facilitate smooth execution of the contract between the user of this Service and the service provider
  • To charge the fee of this Service and manage the credit extension
  • To send notices related to this Service (such as sending of e-mail magazine, direct mail, mailed material, present, etc.)
  • To deliver advertisement in this Service
  • To conduct various campaigns and questionnaires
  • To identify the use situation of this Service and create statistical data
  • To improve this Service in the future and develop a new service
  • To settle any conflict or trouble arising from the operation of this Service
  • To respond to inquiries, etc. related to this Service
  • To use for the purposes associated with the purposes of use described above
  • To communicate with users as needed

3. Disclosure of Private Information to Third Parties

We do not disclose private information to third parties except the following cases.

  • When we obtain consent from the user concerned in advance
  • When we execute business succession with a third party through merger, division,or business transfer
  • When the disclosure complies with laws or regulations
  • When the disclosure is required to protect human life, body, or property and it isdifficult to obtain consent from the user concerned
  • When the disclosure is especially necessary to improve public health and promotesound nurturing of children and it is difficult to obtain consent from the userconcerned
  • When the disclosure is necessary to cooperate with the execution of legal officialwork of a person commissioned by a national institution or local public body andobtaining of consent from the user concerned may obstruct the execution of officialwork concerned
  • When the request or cooperation relationship with the business partner with whomwe have concluded non-disclosure agreement accompanies commissioning of theuse of private information within the minimum range to achieve the purpose of useof private information described above

Also, private information of a service user stored by us will be used jointly with the serviceprovider of the services that the user is using, within the minimum range necessary foroperating this Service.

As this Service aims to share information and provide matching among users, the postedcontents on our website are disclosed on the Internet and can be used in a search engineas a rule, unless the contents are administered as or set to non-disclosure.

4. Safety Management of Private Information

We implement appropriate management of private information through measures againstunauthorized access and vulnerability, appointment of a person responsible for themanagement of private information, and education of our employees. When we outsourcethe handling of private information, we will conclude a non-disclosure agreement andimplement appropriate control.

5. Data Retention

We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill thepurposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required orpermitted by law.

6. Use of Access Statistical Information

We may collect access log and other data as the statistical information that cannot identifyindividuals to improve this Service in the future and investigate the use trend of thisService. The statistical data concerned shall not be included in the private informationstipulated by this Privacy Policy.

7. Cookie and Other Technologies

This Service uses users' cookie, web beacon, and other technologies to understand theuse trend, efficiently operate the advertisement, inflow from search engines, and maintaintemporary information. Information saved in cookie does not include private informationitself. Also, please note this: if cookie is set to invalid, most of the functions of this Servicemay be disabled.

8. Request of Termination of Use or Modification of Private Information

We will make a replay in writing or by e-mail to the request of disclosure, modification,deletion, termination of use, etc. of private information in accordance with laws andregulation after confirming the identity of the person who made a request, provided,however, that we are not responsible for responding to the request according to laws andregulations related to private information or other laws.

9. Changing of this Privacy Policy

We may review all or part of this Privacy Policy. Any change will be posted on this Service.

Last Updated: May 15, 2020
Coubic Inc.
Director and Chief Privacy Officer: Daisuke Sato