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    Benefits of using Coubic

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    It's never been easier to build your own online appointment scheduling page. You can start accepting online bookings right away.
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    Your appointment travels with you

    You will receive instant notifications viaour appointment scheduling appwhenever an appointment is booked from your mobile friendly page.
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    Appointment Book

    All appointments in one place

    Our appointment book allows you to manage not only the appointment booked online but also the one coming through other channels, such as phone calls and emails.
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    Promote your business

    Link to your appointment booking page from any website, Wordpress, Facebook, and more to receive online bookings from your customers.


    Unlimited # of online bookings even with the free plan. You can start right away.

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    Tools to support your business

    Beyond online appointment scheduling page

    In addition to your online appointment scheduler, you can post status updates or business related news on your booking site to keep your customers engaged.

    Online bookings

    Take your business to the next level and start accepting online bookings for your appointments. Bring convenience to your customers while also reducing your workload. Getting bookings via email or by phone as well? No problem, we let you manage them seamlessly.

    Connect with your customers

    We provide a messaging feature which will allow you to personalize the experience for your customers and coordinate appointments with ease. In addition, you can also access it conveniently via our smartphone or tablet applications.

    Customer relationship management

    You can manage your customers without forcing them to create an account when making online bookings. Keep track of all your customers in one place and quickly access relevant customer information.
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    Manage your customers based on their email addresses.

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    Bookings via email or by phone can be managed in one customer info.

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