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Benefits of using Coubic

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Free service and you can start using now!

Everybody can start using our system for free. It's very convenient and easy to use. No credit card required to subscribe to the free plan!
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Central management for online bookings and telephone bookings!

Our appointment booking system allows you to receive not only online bookings, but also telephone bookings simultaneously. Online booking information is automatically entered into the appointments scheduling page and the customers' diaries, making it easier for you and your customers to manage their appointments every day.
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Bookings accepted 24 hours a day! Provides full support for attracting more customers!

By accepting online bookings during holidays and outside of working hours, you can expect to increase your number of customers. The system provides full support for preventing cancellations and encouraging visits from repeat customers by sending out automatic e-mails and SMS messages, such as welcome messages, booking confirmation messages, direct marketing e-mails, newsletters, and the like.
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Connect to web sites and blogs easily!

Lead your customers to our online booking system by adding a "Make a Booking" button on your own web site or blog, or by pasting in the URL of your online reservation page. Everybody can easily add online booking functionality on their own web page.

Main Functionality of the Coubic Booking System

Bookings Page/Booking Scheduling Functionality

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Easily create a scheduling page and a bookings page with online booking form tailored for a variety of industries. In addition, it also supports scheduling management of multiple staff and bookings for specific members of staff.

Intelligent Direct Mail Distribution (e-mails/SMS)

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Automatic distribution of welcome messages, e-mails for encouraging future bookings, birthday e-mails, booking confirmation e-mails, and more. Able to do PDCA cycles by referring to open rates.

Monthly Payment Service

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You can charge monthly subscription fee to your customers automatically. Useful for merchants who require to charge fees recurssively to customers.

Multiple Slot Bookings

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A representative can make bookings for multiple people using one single operation, eliminating the need to do many individual online bookings. With this functionality you can expect to achieve a large amount of sales in one transaction.

Integration with Google Calendar

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Once a booking is made, the booking information is automatically reflected on a Google calendar. Can also be used for scheduling management and bookings management among staff.

Management App

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Management app designed for smartphone/tablets, which can be used for alerting you of online bookings straight away, allowing you to use the booking system more easily and conveniently.


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