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4.8(121 Reviews)

Mt. Nokogiri Hiking and Onsen trip

staffs are really kind and helpful.
event is very nice and organized

Mt. Nokogiri Hiking and Onsen trip

It was well planned and lots of fun. Kudos to the organizers! Good choice of route that wasn't too crowded on the weekend. Quite challenging but with enough breaks. The diverse group representing a dozen countries made it very interesting.

Mt. Nokogiri Hiking and Onsen trip

Thanks for the homework. I missed that from the leaders. No preparation to inform us in Japanese of where we were going or what we were going to see. No quiz karaoke to enable us getting to know you. Bland expensive and no recommendations. The hiking was okay. Missed chance to get more people to coto by using the language we want to learn
Im happy where I am. However no more trips for me. Thank you.