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  • クービックユーザー

    This chat session was a lot of fun!!! I learned a lot and had a wonderful time speaking and listening with the volunteers. I am grateful to Coto Academy for these free chat sessions, and I am grateful to the volunteers who make this all possible. I STRONGLY encourage all Coto students to attend these chat sessions!!! You will get a chance to speak and listen to native speakers. It is worth your time.


    Thank you so much for joining the Online Bento Chat and providing us your warm comment...:)

    We are very happy to hear that you had great time with us. Hope we'll see you again next time as well!

  • クービックユーザー


    - I think is good if you're a beginner.

    - It's online.


    - The topics were extremely common in a typical conversation practice; where are you from? what's your favourite food do you like? what's your hobby? etc. and completely disregard what sort of level the student has.

    - The Coto team came into the chat-room and type the instruction for the volunteer in front of our eyes, which make the entire conversation awkward and robotic.


    Thank you so much for joining Online Beer Chat and providing your review!! We are very sorry that we couldn't meet your expectations and made you feel uncomfortable... I guess there was some kind of miscommunication between you, volunteers and us :(

    We will improve this free event for the students having hard time to study Japanese under this circumstances...!

  • クービックユーザー

    Fun conversation with a great group of people. A very pleasant experience. 5/5


    Thank you so much for joining the Beer chat last night☆彡 We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed chatting with us:)

    Hope we'll see you again next Bento / Beer chat. Have a nice weekend and "Tanabata"!

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