千代田区飯田橋4-9-4 3F

月〜金 00:00 - 23:59

土・日 00:00 - 23:59

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  • Phi Bao

    The party was well organized and the activities were fun. I really liked mingling with the volunteers. They were great fun to talk to. The all-you-can-drink was a bargain.

    To improve the event, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more (3,500-4,000 yen) for upscale food and drink. And how about a pub quiz type event with teams? Half the questions in Japanese and the other half in English. with a prize for the winning team?


  • Vipulananthan Lalith

    I'm both slightly drunk and typing this on my phone so some mistakes may result. そして英語で書いてしまって申し訳ございません。m(_ _)m

    The language exchange aspect of the evening was a great idea, as it gave me the chance to speak in English with non-native speakers and to help them out a little in the same the way as the Bento Chat volunteers help us non-native Japanese speakers.

    The format was well done, and it was a good idea to limit the time we had to speak with our partners. The prompt sheet was a nice touch (even if I completely failed to make use of it) and I'm certain that it was useful to other people.

    My one extremely trivial feedback is that if I had known that actual food (the very nice sandwiches, sushi and finger food) was coming, then I would have eaten far fewer of those extremely tasty chocolate biscuit an snacks). Which is a very long winded way of saying that a warning at the start that actual food was going to be provided would have been appreciated. With that said, I was very grateful that sake was available, even though I drank far too much and my darling wife is complaining that I am 酒臭い. T_T

    Lastly, props to Rob for the 伝言 game. Despite being absolutely atrocious at it it was great fun, and my sincere apologies to Team B for my ineptitude. Unfortunately I missed out on the chance to try the English version where I would have seen if I was any better in my native language, but next time for sure! :)


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