Workshop Kanji Name and Paper Marbling

Workshop Kanji Name and Paper Marbling

We’re excited to hold this new event in partnership with Global Development Ltd.

Grab this opportunity to get your name in kanji and to try out Japanese style paper marbling (墨流し, “floating ink”).

Nadeshiko Yamamoto, a professional calligrapher ,will pick a suitable kanji name for you and present it in calligraphy. on a signature board After the naming session, you’ll get a chance to practice paper marbling yourself!

Nadeshiko sensei is a calligrapher and member of the Contemporary Art Calligraphers Association. Her cross-genre work is based on traditional calligraphy and vary in letter types, colour and materials. She has held gallery exhibitions in Nagoya and Tokyo since 2009.

If there’s a particular kanji you would like to have in your name, do let us know beforehand!

Date: Wednesday, November 22
Time: 12:40 – 13:50
Place: Coto 1F
Fee: ¥1000
Limit: Up tp 20 people
Instructor: Nadeshiko and Takahashi