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~What Kimono-kan Especially Offers~

Reasonable prices

-Get an authentic feel for what it's like to put on and wear a kimono at a reasonable price in the heart of Asakusa at [Kimono-kan]

-Feel confident as you learn to put on the kimono step-by-step with our qualified trainer. She will assist you from the inner wear through to the obi so you can rest assured that you will get it right and look wonderful.

-Just come as you are! There's no need to bring a pouch, an undershirt or tabi (socks) as everything is provided for you at Kimono-kan.

Rental Fee Course Types (same day return at 5:30pm)

*Standard unisex price including tax

-Kimono only set ¥4320

-Kimono and coat set ¥4860

-Yukata set ¥3240

*If you like any of our particular kimono or yukata, they are also available for purchase. Don't hesitate to have a word with our kind staff! We can organize it for you.

Asakusa Kimono-kan's Information

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Business Hours

月〜金 10:00 - 18:00

土 10:00 - 18:00

日 定休日