【What is Peace Boat?】

A household name in Japan, Peace Boat has taken more than 80,000 people of all ages

and nationalities around the world over the

last 30 years.

【Visit many amazing destinations】

Each year we organize three Global Voyages and two shorter Asian regional voyages. Over 1,000 participants visit as many as

20 different countries on each of our

three-month Global Voyages.

【Your around the world “Starts today”】

You’re invited to a life-changing journey

around the world. Visit places you’ve only

dreamed of. Learn a new language.

Discover your creative side. Become one of

the locals. Make friendships and memories

that last a lifetime. Go home transformed.

Peace Boat prides itself on its commitment

to sustainable tourism. Rest assured that

every voyage brings us closer to better world.

Join our thriving onboard community and

experience the world like never before!

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