Won't you travel in San-in district, Japan? Japan seduces many foreign travelers with its highly technologically advanced and ultra-convenient big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and so on. But if you are weary of crowds and machine-operated convenience, get yourself to San-in district in which you can enjoy real slow life. San-in(Shimane and Tottori) located in the southwestern part of the Honshu main island is rich of virgin nature, preserved historical sites and various traditional cultures. Japan's genuine culture lies in the countryside.

I'm Shun Adachi and a certified guide-interpreter(English). I can offer you some memorable tours in and out of San-in district. But I'm not a rigid

professional guide of a travel agency. Tours are adaptive,flexible and easy-going. The itinerary could be designed around your interests, budget

and energy level. Let's share "San-in experiences".

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