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Omikoshi Experience 2018

Omikoshi Experience 2018

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Bento Chat Hour!

Whilst I enjoyed myself a great deal, it might be an idea to try and group students by approximate ability to allow them to talk at the full range of their abilities, without needing to worry if their fellow student(s) will be able to understand/follow the conversation.

It would also mean that the native-level teacher/volunteer will not get a false impression of the group's average level, based on the student they speak with first.

Finally, to minimise the chance that students who join multiple events will have the same kinds of conversations over and over again, a theme or topic for each lunch event could be chosen in advance? I appreciate that doing so may make the lunch events less casual and more like a formal learning event, so I understand if Coto has no plan to change this aspect.

Whilst I have given feedback regarding areas of improvement, please let me say once again that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice speaking, and certainly intend to join Bento Chat Hour events in the future. Thank you! :D

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Hi Lalith san,
Thank you very much for joining Bento Chat Hour event and giving us your very helpful feedback and advice!
Based on your advice, we will do our best to improve our Bento Chat Hour event.
Learning from students about their needs is so helpful to us in being able to improve. We are looking forward to seeing you in Bento Chat Hour events again soon!

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Discover NOH & KYOGEN October 31