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  • クービックユーザー

    Fantastic event which demonstrates the high standing of the school/club within its community. I have been so impressed with its approach both fun and effective. Thanks Coto!


    Hi! Thank you for coming to the party today! We really really appreciate your continuous support! Korekara mo douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu :)) Mariko

  • クービックユーザー

    It is a great idea for the students to have fun after studying for some time. While tasting the delicious Japanese made beer, students also have the chance to learn a thing or two about beer making and of course the Japanese vocabulary about different tastes. It is a perfect social event for students and teachers to get to know each other in a different environment. Well done!

  • クービックユーザー

    My husband and I had a terrific time! We were impressed by the expertise that went into the wide selection of craft beer by Ayana and the fascinating presentation by Sato-san. It is always a pleasure to spend more time chatting with staff and other students outside of class. Coto creates wonderful opportunities for students to share their experiences learning Japanese & exploring Tokyo and beyond. Arigato gozaimasu! -- Carolyn ;)

  • クービックユーザー

  • クービックユーザー

    I really enjoyed the conversation practice. They hosts did a great job of keeping the conversation going and interesting. Additionally, I received an email with some of the new vocabulary which we covered during the conversation. This was an additional unexpected bonus and helps tremendously. I'm looking forward to attending this in the future.

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