Wellcome to Ono Orchid & Orchard Garden.




We grow many kind of Fruits ... Cherrys, Plums,Peaches,Grapes

Let enjoy Fruits hunting darling such glowing season!

It is the farm where a child can enjoy reliable cherry hunting.

Association of Minami-Alps-shi sightseeing participation

Ono Orchid & Orchard Garden is "Oisix""Daich wo mamoru kai" tie-up farm.

I go the cherry hunting from the end of May to the end of June.

A rate of the cherry hunting is all-you-can-eat 2000 yen for adults for 40 minutes

(from a primary schoolchild an adult rate),

; but as a reservation privilege from the Web of the Ono Orchid & Orchard Garden

◎ As for the primary schoolchild a child rate (make 1,000 yen to a 3 years old - primary schoolchild)

◎ I do not set a limit at time

◎ Service ticket is presented by a person of entering

★Please click the date of the calendar of the day when you want to make a reservation.

☆The person who cannot make a reservation well in a site OK's it if you can put a date and the number of people in an email (hunt@axono.jp)

Characteristic of the fruit cultivation of the Ono Orchid & Orchard Garden

・I cultivate a grassy plain.

・I do not use the compound fertilizer.

I maintain fertility of soil by compost and the injection such as the organic quality manure shading off, persimmon husks such as rice bran, the bony parts of a fish.

・It is 減農薬栽培. (80% of custom cultivation ratios decrease)

According to the standard of the discerning farm products of a "Daich wo mamoru kai", I do not use the prohibition pesticide of our meeting.

Because I do not ship it to the farm co-op (JA) at our garden, I perform cultivation unlike the cultivation prevention standard of the prefecture.

fruits hunting!Ono Orchid & Orchard's Information

1202 Nishino Minami-Alps City Yamanashi Pref. JAPAN 400-0213
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Business Hours

月〜金 00:00 - 24:00

土・日 00:00 - 24:00

Reviews (2)

  • クービックユーザー

    Great cherry garden, kids had fun with goats and ate lots of cherries. We'll definitely go again next year!

    Thank you friendly staffs!


  • Pradhan PRIYABRATA

    It was very nice. It will be more attractive if American cherry is available.