Guiding Light to the Unique Travel Exper​ience

 Personally expe​rience​​​​​ "magic moment"

  Fujisan contextual scene

   Only here in Japan


I am Yasutoshi KOGA, an independent private tour guide and a local expert in:

• Curating

• Interpreting

• Guiding travelers from abroad to

local attractions in the environment of Mt. Fuji.


In the capacities of:

• Guide-Interpreter (tour guide) [Certified nationally and Licensed in Yamanashi prefecture, Member of Mt. Fuji Yamanashi Guide-Interpreter Association]

• Mt. Fuji climbing guide [Licensed in Fujiyoshida city]

• Interpretive guide [Registered at Mt. Fuji Research Institute of Yamanashi Prefectural Government]

Following lines of tours are offered personally for a journey to your own Fujisan experience.

• Personalized tour

• Fujisan twilight scene tour

• Get to know Fujisan tours

 1) 'Saijiki' tour:Experience nature, things, customs and events of each of the four seasons in Mt. Fuji region

 2) 'Fudoki' tour:Experience the natural features, product, culture and history of Mt. Fuji region

 3) World cultural heritage tour:Experience things associated with Mt. Fuji on the subjects of faith, art, and volcano

• Fujisan climbing tour (Jul - Sep)


"My goal is to make a tour both an enjoyable, as well as rewarding, experience. One filled with unforgettable memories.

With cultural diversity intelligence which I acquired over the long period when I lived and worked in multiple countries overseas for 15 years, I strive continuously to:

• Be an exceptional host and personalize the experience, and

• Bridge the gap between the objects of interpretation and international travelers."

FUJISAN CURATOR  Private Guide & Tourの基本情報

2-1179 Fujigane, Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi 401-0338 JAPAN

月〜金 00:00 - 23:59

土・日 00:00 - 23:59