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腸内洗浄セラピー予約|コロンハイドロセラピー(Colon Hydro Therapy )
【料金】女性;1回事前決済割引価格19400(税込) / 1回現地決済19800(税込) 男性;1回事前決済割引価格21500(税込) / 1回現地決済22000(税込)
【施術前の注意事項 】

【Complete Reservation System 】 It is possible to make your reservation for Colon hydrotherapy from 25 days in advance. We accept your reservation by one hour before the reservation time. If it is your first visit, please visit us by 10 minutes before your reservation time to fill out the medical questionnaire. We offer you Probiotic-supplement which contains Bifidobacterium and Lactic acid bacteria after every therapy.
【First-time visit】 Please tell us your bowel problems that you want to improve by Colon hydrotherapy. Then, we will explain the features and procedures of the therapy. It will take approximately 35-40 minutes for the therapy.【From your second visit】It will take approximately 40-45 minutes for the therapy.

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