It is the first Halal specialty Japanese Food cooking Class in Japan. You can learn some of the most popular Japanese dishes. ‘Trusted Food” was my initial idea and what led me to create this school. Those of you who have specific needs for what you eat don’t have to look any further. We care about your needs and want you to feel comfortable, most of all feel secure when you come to class. The ingredients are all carefully hand-picked, and specifically selected and made in Japan and, or Halal certified. If ingredients are not Halal certified, call the maker and find out the specific ingredients as well as the production line environment. All the serving plates, bowls, cooking tools, and the refrigerator are also designated for Halal. Also, Shalat is supported, a worship mat and Wudu is provided.

You can learn ordinary Japanese foods as they are made by us, but they are full of history and Japanese spirit. All our recipes are simple and hassle free, so that it’s easy to reproduce when you go home. We highly recommend you learning this wonderful culture of Japanese food, and go back to your home and cook for your families and loved ones. I guarantee they will enjoy the taste of the food as well as your story of your trip to Japan. The recipes will become one of your home cooking repertoire, and will be enjoyed among your family and friends for many years to come.

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