Okonomiyaki, Golden Soup with minced fish balls, and Pudding

8,000yen(incl. tax)〜
Okonomiyaki, Golden Soup with minced fish balls, and Pudding

An easy way of flipping the Okonomiyaki will be instructed in the lesson. The fillet is nicely minced in a mortar to keep a fluffy texture. You will be surprised at how good the minced fish balls come together with the golden soup stock. A superb way to end any meal is with green tea pudding!

※Okonomiyaki can be replaced with Takoyaki.

Participation fee: 8,000 yen (tax included)

Capacity: 4 persons

Hold: None

Policies and Regulations

・ We promote a family enriched environment, so we encourage you to bring your children along to enjoy the experience. However, we are not accepting any male only groups.

・ Cooking class Fee for children aged 12 or younger will be JPY 5,600.00-.

・ Resevations will be accepted no less than one week prior to the scheduled lesson date.

・ Cancellations will not be accepted.

・ Please be aware of the lesson start time and be on time. We want to avoid any disruptions or distractions, which will have a negative effective on delivering a great experience.

・ Filming during the lesson is prohibited.

・ For sanitary purposes and preventing stain to your clothes, a traditional Japanese style apron called “Kappougi” will be provided for you to wear. Please wear it during the lesson.

・ Please, pay attention and beware when you use a sharp knife and avoid from burning yourself.

・ All the material received through this course cannot be redistributed, reused at other cooking school, or is prohibited from being posted on-line containing or showing company name and or logo.

・ Any left-over of the food cooked at the lesson cannot be taken out.

・ Smoking is prohibited in the class.

Notes with respect to reservation

Schedule change
We do not accept the schedule change.
We do not accept the schedule cancellation.

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