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Meet Maiko 舞鑑賞と記念写真
<Meet Maiko events in 2019 have ended.Maiko events in 2020 will be held from April.>

<Contents 内容>
1. Dance Performance 
2. Mini-talks about Maiko and Q&A
3. Tea and Japanese Sweet  
4. Photo Shoot with Your Camera 
5. Get a Name Card 'Senjya-Fuda'
6. Chat with Maiko

1. 舞鑑賞
2. 舞妓の衣装や髪形についての説明
3. 煎茶とお菓子
4. 記念撮影
5. 千社札進呈
6. 舞妓さんとおしゃべり、質問タイム

*Number of Guests: Totally up to 15 guests    

<Time Schedule スケジュール>

16:50  Check in at Kyoto Handicraft Center information desk (West building)
16:55  Our staff will guide you, so please gather at the meeting point
17:00  Dance performance (2 songs), Mini-talks about Maiko, Short Q&A time
17:20  Photo Shoot with Your Camera
  Please enjoy tea and sweets while you are waiting
17:30  Chat with Maiko, Question time
17:40  Finish

16:50  京都ハンディクラフトセンター西館1階で受付
16:55  スタッフが会場へご案内しますので、集合場所にお集まりください。
17:00  舞鑑賞(2曲)、舞妓さんについての簡単な説明、質問タイム(2-3問)
17:20  舞妓さんと写真撮影、千社札進呈
17:30  舞妓さんとおしゃべり、質問タイム
17:40  終了

<Price 料金>

Ozashiki Game and Meet Maiko 4,300yen
Meet Maiko 3,800yen
お座敷遊び・舞鑑賞プラン 4,300円
舞鑑賞プラン 3,800円
For reservation Ozashikigame and Meet Maiko Please click here

<Cancellation Policy キャンセルポリシー>
Once booking is made, fees will not be refunded in any case of cancellation.
Please make sure that your day of participate.
*This event will be held mainly in English.

Before book appointment,
Please select English from the language selection at the bottom of the page.
If you click the book appointment button without selecting a language , it is displayed in Japanese.

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