We try to satisfy our customers as much as possible by answering any questions they may have about kimonos while they select their kimonos. However, our store is very small and cannot accommodate many customers.

In order to prevent CONVID19 infection, we would like to know the number of people who plan to visit our store in advance, so please make a reservation at least one buisness day before your visit.

All items on the website are located in our store. Please note the item numbers of the item you are interested in and let us know in advance so that we can prepare them smoothly.

Precautions : You may hold the kimono in your hands and try it on, but please take care not to damage the kimono by removing rings, bracelets, etc.

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  • 匿名のユーザー

    I booked a visit to buy kimonos for a female friend and my mum in the UK as gifts and then have them shipped to the UK direct from the store because I am travelling for a while. I also used the website to contact the owners direct to explain my needs and that neither my friend nor my mum are in Japan to try the kimonos on.

    The owner replied the next day and we engaged in email correspondence. I selected a few samples from the website to illustrate the sort of styles each might like. My mum is large, and way larger than the average Japanese lady, so I knew options would be limited, but the owner gave me guidance on what to look for size wise.

    When I arrived at the store the owner had laid out the selections I made from the website that matched size wise. He also brought over some options not on the website that were similar.

    After discussions with the owner and his very helpful wife, who speaks perfect English, I bought a jacket for my mum (no kimonos large enough - it was a UK size 20!), and an absolutely beautiful silk kimono for my UK size 8 friend in perfect condition, which wasn't on the website but which the owner had selected on the basis of my earlier communication on preferences.

    I fully recommend booking a slot in advance and having that discussion about what your needs are by email (through their contact us section of the website) so they are then able to give you a great experience once in the shop. You will also be better informed about what sort of things you want when you get to the shop and the range of prices for the kimonos.

  • 匿名のユーザー

    I had a lovely time. The owners are very welcoming and speak English well. They tell you all about Kimono and help you try on whichever ones you like. The store is small but they have a huge selection with a range of sizes. The prices are very appropriate for the quality of product and service. Keep in mind that as the Kimonos are second hand, there might be stains and discoloration. However, those imperfections will be pointed out to you so you can make an educated decision. I definitely recommend this store for a pleasant and foreigner friendly Kimono shopping experience!

  • BOURICHE Naissa

    We made an appointment for 3 people in the store. Everything went very well. Really lovely people who do their best to explain how to properly wear the traditional clothes. They are very patient and speak very good English, which is a plus for foreigners. The quality of the products is great for second-hand. And the price range is very wide, to suit all budgets.

    Thank you again for making us feel so welcome and guiding us in our purchase of kimono, yukata and haori. We are very satisfied with our purchases and the experience.