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Full Day Samurai Kendo Experience in Tokyo
Kendo, or the way of the sword, has a history of more than 1000 years.
It began with the introduction of iron and iron forging technology into Japan from China and Korea.

The early 15th and 16th Centuries saw proliferation of traditional Japanese swordsmanship schools created by great swordsmen with legendary skills.
During this experience, you will understand the way of the Samurai through the lens of the Japanese traditional martial arts called Kendo.

・All necessary equipment included
・Led by a local guide
・Lunch included

Full Day Samurai Kendo Experience in Tokyo This experience includes three parts:
・A Kendo experience activity
・A special Samurai lunch
・A Kendo gear factory visit.

・Professional guide (English/Japanese speaking)
・Rental of kendo armor and equipment
・Bottled water
・Free Japanese ”SAMURAI” hand towel

・Transportation expenses
・Hotel pick up and drop off

Experience the traditional samurai culture through kendo.
Kendo experts with over 20 years of experience will help you learn and understand authentic Kendo while having fun in a safe setting.

Beginners will be guided thoroughly until they can have a taste of combat. Have a taste of a real “battle” and bring forth the fighting.
You will have the chance to test what you have learned during the tour through “balloon Kendo” with other participants in mini-tournament format.

After the Kendo experience, you will be taken to lunch at a Kendo restaurant where you will be provided a special Samurai meal and Kendo/Samurai goods.
You can enjoy a Japanese traditional meal and nice atmosphere.

"Bogu," the suit of armor used in Kendo, is a traditional craft that has been passed on for generations in Japan.
A guide will first bring you through the principles and ideals of the Samurai and Kendo which will then be followed by a tour to the traditional armor workshop where the craft has been passed on in the family for many generations.

【Sample Itinerary】
9:40am - Meeting at Uguisudani station, North Exit
10am to 12pm - Kendo experience at Uguisudani
1pm to 2pm - Lunch at Kendo restaurant at Ikebukuro
3pm to 4pm - Visiting Kendo gear factory at Nishishinjuku 5cho-me

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