Nozawa onsen Kotsu

We’ve been running family business as a taxi office, hotel and café in Nozawa-Onsen for a long time.

The Snow Monkey tour we organize is getting very popular among foreign tourists.

Nozawa Onsen Kotsu(Taxi office)

Gasthof SchiHeil(hotel)

Cafe Mokuba

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月〜金 00:00 - 23:59

土・日 00:00 - 23:59

Reviews (23)

  • クービックユーザー

    Friendly staff and very efficient service. Taxi for two people was comfortable and took us strsight to the parking area below the park. No snow in late March so an easy walk up to the Park with a few muddy patches. Monkeys were enchanting and you get the opportunity to get very close to them, although they mostly ignore the visitors in favour of each other and the food provided by the park. Glad I went and I would use this company again. It is possible to use public transport but that would make it a full day trip.

  • クービックユーザー

    Walking track very muddy needs gravel surface or similar.

    Saw a monkey eating somebody's lunch.

    Land slide area also not a natural setting with houses ect.

    No commentary on bus.

  • Brier-Mills Kaitlin

    Lovely, friendly staff. Beautiful monkey park

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