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tokyobike中目黒 レンタルバイク予約 【Nakameguro Rental bike booking】
tokyobike(中目黒) レンタルバイクの予約ページです。

平日:12:00~18:30 土日祝:11:00~18:30までご利用いただけるプランです。

Weekdays: 12:00~18:30 Weekends and holidays: 11:00~18:30 This plan is available from 11:00~18:30.

・料金は平日1,000円 / 土日祝 1,500円となります。

Prices are ¥1,000/Weekdays and ¥1,500/Holidays.


Please select the desired model frame.


Please return by 18:30.

・日またぎでのレンタルをご希望の場合は、こちら よりお申し込みくださいませ。

If you wish to rent across days, please apply here .


撮影でのお貸出しご希望の方は、こちら よりお問合せくださいませ。

As a rule, we do not rent out equipment for filming.

If you would like to rent out the room for filming, please contact us from here .


It is not possible to book several units at once. Please book one car at a time.


There are two models to choose from. Please check below.


A well-balanced ride that makes you smile the moment you start pedalling. The wide range of 8 gears, from light gears for easy climbing to top gears for speed, makes you feel like you can go anywhere. This bike is easy to handle for everyone, combining ease of use and acceleration that even beginners unfamiliar with sports bikes can enjoy with ease.

TOKYOBIKE BISOU(ビズ) でのんびり走ると、それまでは気づかなかった風景に出会えます。アップライトでゆったりした乗車姿勢と広い視界。目に飛び込んでくる街並みが、歩いているときとは違った表情を見せてくれます。BISOUは、ついつい寄り道をしたくなってしまう自転車です。

A leisurely ride on the TOKYOBIKE BISOU will take you to landscapes that you had not noticed before. The upright, relaxed riding position and wide field of vision. The BISOU is a bike that makes you want to take side trips.

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