maison warszawa メゾン・ワルシャワ
Atelier Dominika is presenting its unique project “maison warszawa” - Modern Polish cuisine restaurant in the heart of Tokyo. We serve chef’s choice of Polish cuisine dishes. The place offers relaxed time in casual ambiance. Do not stress how to dress just come and enjoy the good energy and the new taste of Polish cuisine. その日の食材や季節に合わせたシェフのおまかせコースを中心にした、モダン・ポーランド料理の不定期レストランです。皆様のお越しを心よりお待ち申し上げております。
★ A reservation is required in advance, please confirm your seat through the red "Bookings" button above / 完全予約制

July and August will be the time to present Polish summer dishes accompanied with some classics. Please come hungry!

In September we will slowly enter the autumn mode.

it will be the last meeting of maison warszawa before the autumn break - my holidays in Poland 🇵🇱
◎ DATE 日時
8/19(FRI) 8/20(SAT), 8/27(SAT)

9/23 (FRI), 9/24 (SAT)

Open : 7:00 pm to 9 pm ( L.O. 8 pm )
★ each time the menu is different.

◎ PLACE 場所
Route Table 2F : Ueno
* 3 minute walk from Ueno station (JR / Metro) 上野駅入谷口徒歩3分
◎MENU | Chef's choice シェフのおまかせコースメニュー Yen 6,500 ( included tax )
- Polish welcome drink ウエルカムドリンク
- amuse-bouche plus bread アミューズブーシュ
- Soup スープ
- Main dish 本日のメイン
- Dessert デザート
* Wines and soft drinks are available with extra charges. ワイン、ソフトドリンクなどを取り揃えております。コース料金には含まれておりません。
* Vegetarian option is available with an advance notice. ベジタリアンをご希望の場合は、ご予約の後ご連絡をお願いします。
* Cancellation / no-show fee will be applied if you are unable to make your appointment without giving at least 48 hours prior notice. 食材準備の関係上、予約当日2日前よりキャンセル料が発生します、あらかじめご了承ください。
* Due to the limitation of this booking system, please book one by one. 予約システム上、おひとり様毎に予約が必要です。お手数ですが、一名ごとの予約をお願い致します。
💕in case you are coming with a friend or friends please let me know via e-mail for how many persons shall I book the table. thank you :)

CHEF | Dominika Giordano ドミニカ・ジョルダノ
Dominika came to Japan in 2010 as a diplomat and consul of the Republic of Poland in Japan, and since then she has been promoting Poland through cultural diplomacy projects, presenting Polish cuisine in Japan. In order to devote herself to this activity, she obtained cooking education in France and Italy, then for several years she was involved in pro-health projects, running a French restaurant in Kanagawa. At the moment, she is developing her career as a personal chef by offering different flavors of a different culture as well as helping her customers to improve their health with her passion for nutrition. フランス、イタリアでのトレーニングの後、神奈川のフレンチレストランにてシェフとして就任。現在は、パーソナルシェフとして、活動の幅を広げている。在日ポーランド大使館の領事として来日して以来、一貫してポーランド文化、特に食文化を日本に伝えることに注力している。
otwarty dom : Polska - Japonia - Ukraina ウクライナ難民支援イベント
Ukrainian and Polish Food stand in Ueno
*ポーランド人シェフ・ドミニカが作る、ビュッフェ形式のウクライナとポーランド料理をご用意します(椅子席あり)。東京ではなかなか味わえない両国の現地の味を、是非ともお楽しみください。当日得た利益は全て、ポーランド在住のジャーナリストであるTomasz Gorazdowskiを通じて、ポーランドに避難されたウクライナ難民支援に使います。義援金の金額や用途等は、SNSやe-mailを通じて後日ご報告いたします。

● 日時:2022年5月29日(日) 2) 15:00 - 16:00 3) 16:00 - 17:00 
● 料金:2,000円
● 会場:ROUTE89 BLDG YUKUIDO工房/東京都台東区東上野4-13-9


◎ Tomasz Gorazdowski トマス・ゴラゾウスキ | ポーランド人ジャーナリスト、radio357所属

◎ Dominika Giordano ドミニカ・ジョルダノ | シェフ

主催:maison warszawa 

Twitter : @maison_warszawa / instargam : @maison_warszawa

Special announcement! On 29.05 we are organizing a special event to support refugees from Ukraine that found their shelter in Poland. We will be serving Ukraine and Polish dishes and collect money in order to finance their needs. You are welcome to join us! please read below:

date of event: 29 th of May 2022/

time: 14:00-15:00, 15:00-16:00, 16:00-17:00

place: maison warszawa at route books at Ueno

please register! (below)

we will sell Ukraine and Polish food - little samples of dishes. Price for the ticket for food is 2000 yen. In case you want to donate more - please do so. All the income (donation minus costs we have to cover) will cover the expenses of Ukraine family or families that currently is in Poland. The specific goal will be set depending on the total amount of donation. All the information after we collect the donation is shared by SNS. Also if you leave contact details, we can contact with you sending you all the information about how much money we collected and who finally received them so everyone who will donate money during this event will know who are the beneficiaries.

There are still many Ukraine families arrive in Poland with just a little or nothing. The list of their needs is long. Sometimes they need tools to be able to start working in order to build their life and provide for them and for their families. Some of therm need medications to survive. Not only NPO but Polish indiviual people are helping in many ways but the problem is very serious and while the war continues there is more and more refugees everyday. Being in Japan I feel I can make something to help as well especially since many of my Japanese friends ask me how can they help. so this is my way. I am cooking so I will be cooking Ukraine and Polish dishes. Please come and try, you will know the new taste of traditional food and you may support people who need every help possible. The event will be supported by a journalist Tomasz Gorazdowski from the Polish radio 357. He will be in contact with Ukrainian families who arrive at Poland by train and he will allocate the donation we will collect. We also have the support of the Polish Institute of Culture that will cover part of the costs of the event so our donation could be bigger. Hope to see you on 29 of May. Peace for the world! Peace for Ukraine!



月〜金 00:00 - 23:59

土・日 00:00 - 23:59