February 6: Lunch Tour in Kagurazaka
Would you like to have lunch in Kagurazaka together with Coto staff and students?

We (Coto Staff) would like to get to know you more!

We have hand-selected a nice traditional restaurant in the historic Kagurazaka district which is just over the bridge from Coto.

While walking to the restaurant, the staff will introduce you to the history of Kagurazaka, which has had a flourishing geisha culture since 1600, and will also show you wonderful shops in Kagurazaka. 

This is a great opportunity to get to know the area near the school! You can even take your friends and family there if they visit.

Join us and make friends with others in your class - we really hope you can join us!

We hand select the following restaurants for both their cuisine and atmosphere:

Udonsuki - Kansai cuisine restaurant (March 2020, November 2019)
* We'll all eat udonsuki together!
* Please note that because the udon will be shared among many people, only Torijaya can't cater to those with allergies.

Kappo Restaurant (February 2020)
* You can eat a set of traditional Japanese food, such as sashimi salad and meat. Second helpings of rice and miso soup are free of charge, and it is a plentiful lunch with also desserts.
* Can cater to those with allergies, so please let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions.

New Japanese Style Cuisine restaurant (January 2020)
* A set of Japanese food such as beef tenderloin steak, tempura, and sashimi. One second helping of rice and miso soup are also free of charge!
* Can cater to those with allergies, so please let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions.
* Please note that all schedules are subject to change.

<Event details>
Time: 12:30 - 13:50
Meeting place: Coto 1F at 12:30
Fee: 1550 yen
Number of participants: Up to 14 people
Welcoming staff: Momoko Akiba, Ayako Iwasaki

We are looking forward to meeting all of you on the day!


うどんすき・関西料理のレストラン (2020年3月)

割烹レストラン (2020年2月)

新和風創作料理レストラン (2020年1月)

時間:12:30 – 13:50
場所: Cotoから10分程度のレストラン
待ち合わせ場所: Coto 1F at 12:30
歓迎スタッフ: 秋葉桃子、岩崎あやこ

February 13: Shikaimaki Making 四海巻きづくり
There are many ways of preparing Japanese sushi and we organize a cooking class perfect for you to learn how to make Shikaimaki. Once you’ve learned how to make it, it is easy to make this dish at home too.

We can create interesting designs based on your ideas! We look forward to seeing you at this event.

Shikaimaki (Thursday, February 13th, 2020)
Time: 12:40 - 13:50
Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F Room 13&14
Fee: 1000 yen
Number of participants: up to 9 people
Instructor: Noriko Abe (teacher from Coto Club)
*Please kindly be noted that we will give you an instruction of how to make Shikaimaki mainly in English so that students in beginner classes will also fully enjoy the event.



時間:12:40 - 13:50
場所:Coto Japanese Academy 1F Room 13&14
料理の先生:阿部容子(Coto Clubの先生)
Historical Tour to Edo Castle - East Park Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace east garden tour – Transport yourself back in time 250 years when Tokyo was known as Edo. Explore the former site of Edo castle with a guide who can share the mindset and history of samurai culture.
Good chance to learn about Samurai, Ninja, Harakiri etc...!
Date: Saturday, March 14th
Time: 12:30-15:15
Meeting at Coto Academy 1st floor, room 13 & 14
Fee: ¥1500
Number of people: Up to 10 people
*If you would like to cancel your reservation, please let us know by March 11th.
*Ful charge for cancellation notices from October 10th onwards.
We will take a lecture in Coto first then move to see the Imperial Palace!
*We will transfer to Imperial Palace by train. Transportation fee is not included in the tour fee. Please charge IC card beforehand.
*The lecture will be conducted in English but our guide and staff are native Japanese speakers. Let's try to speak Japanese during stroll if you can!
*In case of the heavy rain, we will put the event off. Will annouce if the event will be conducted as planned by 6pm on October 11th.
Tour guide : Kenta Fukuda  /  Coto Academy Staff: Momoko Akiba
Feb 19: Daruma painting!
Have you ever seen Daruma?

The Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll, which in Japan has become a symbol of perseverance and luck.

The process of using a Daruma doll is simple:

1. Have a goal, wish, or promise to fulfill. 
2. Paint in one eye.
3. Work for it everyday.
4. When the dream is achieved, paint in the other eye.
Daruma dolls are constant reminders of the what the Japanese call the ganbaru spirit. Life is full of pitfalls and bumps on the road. Let's all make Daruma and keep having gambaru spirit to make your dream come true!

Place:Coto Japanese Academy 1F Room 13&14
Fee:1,800 yen
Number of people:Up to 8 people
Teacher and staff:Miyu Shishido & Momoko Akiba

Teacher's Profile:
< Biography,CV >
2015 BAE, Miyagi University of Education Art Course
2017 MFA, Tokyo University of the Arts
2018-present Working in Kamakura, Executive Director of ASAHIYAMA ART

Northeast contemporary arts and crafts exhibition prize,
Metro Culture Foundation Award,
Japan new crafts Northeast Exhibition Award

Tennoz Isle Art Hall,
Torindou Aoyama,
Amsterdam International Art Fair, and so on

1. 目標を設定する、祈り、絶対に目標を達成すると誓う。
2. だるまの固めを塗りつぶす。
3. 毎日目標に向かって頑張る。
4. 目標を達成することができたら、もう一つの目も塗りつぶす。

場所:Coto Japanese Academy 1F Room 13&14
February 9: Grand Sumo Tournament
Have you seen a sumo tournament before?

Coto Academy has reserved tickets for a special tournament that takes place only once a year for one day in February! If you have never enjoyed a sumo game before, do not miss this great chance to discover and enjoy watching this Japanese sport.

We have a limited number of tickets for this very popular event and booking will be close when all the tickets are sold. Reserve soon!

-Date: Sunday, February 9, 2020
-Time: 13:00 – 17:30
-Meeting place : 13:00, in front of the entrance of Ryōgoku Kokugikan (5 min from Ryōgoku station)
※Ryogoku Station on JR Sobu-line or Toei Oedo-line
-Address/1-3-28 Yokoami Sumida-ku Tokyo
-Fee: 3500yen chair seat B (get up to 4 tickets per pax).
Please make the payment through this page or on 3F at Coto.
-Number of people: max 90 people
※Children over 4 years of age need to have a ticket.
※Children 3 years and under are free. However they cannot occupy a seat.
-Learn about our past sumo tournament event: http://www.grandsumo.jp/
*If you would like to cancel your reservation, please let us know by Feb. 5th.
*Full charge for cancellation notices from 6th onwards.




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