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    It was a wonderful experience making Japanese traditional paper “washi”. The shop owner’s wife teach me how to do it so kindly. It was first time but easy to understand for me. And there were many wash stuffs and I also enjoyed buying some gifts for my friend.

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  • Nickle Kathleen

    What a lovely introduction to the art of washi paper! The store was easy to find and I felt very welcomed as a solo traveller. I enjoyed learning about the process and taking home my own creation. Highly recommended for a unique experience in Kyoto.

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  • クービックユーザー

    Wonderful experience!! Loved the assortment of washi paper designs. The process was simple and relaxing, and I’m really happy with the finished product! Highly recommended.

  • La Christine

    I did this course in addition to the goshuin-making course. Both owners were very knowledgeable, with a long history in the washi-making business. They explained the paper making process thoroughly, and accommodated me in both English and Japanese (I am an intermediate-level Japanese speaker). The postcards turned out beautiful, and made great gifts. I've even framed a pair that looked perfect together. Would highly recommend for someone looking for a good paper-making experience in Kyoto.

  • La Christine

    A very fun activity that makes temple visits in Kyoto even more worthwhile. The shop owner was very accommodating, explaining things in both English and Japanese (my friend and I are both intermediate level Japanese speakers), and helped us with every step of the book-making process. She also explained some of the history of goshuin, and even recommended nearby temples to gather unique-looking goshuin from, as well as the correct manners to visiting shrines and temples in Kyoto.

  • クービックユーザー

    This was a wonderful cultural experience! My daughter and I really enjoyed learning more about washi paper history and getting to make it ourselves was a highlight of our time in Kyoto. The hosts of this shop are very kind and provide such a great experience! I highly recommend this experience and would definitely double it again! Thank you!

    P.S. The washi paper art process I was telling you about is called chigiri e Japanese paper art. Maybe you will recognize it from the Japanese name.


    Thank you for joining us and happy to hear you liked our workshop. We enjoyed having you and your daughter and really hope you fully enjoy your life in Japan. I now understand the artwork chigiri-e that you were talking about. It is awesome that the school children in your country make it there. I love cultural exchanges and wish it will continue. Many thanks!!


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