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Dear Lea,

Thank you very much for attending our ikebana class yesterday and reviewing us. We look forward to meeting you again anytime soon.



At first I didn't have much expectation. But then it turned out to be fun and I learnt a lot from the experience! Our teacher has excellent presentation and storytelling skills, and perfect at interacting with all of the students in class with different cultural backgrounds (myself from HK, one student from Bali and two from France). She taught us from the ikebana history, the philosophy behind, the fundamental rules of ikebana, as well as giving us advice on how we can improve our first piece of work. I would totally recommend it to my friends and others who're interested!

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Dear Ivonne,

Thank you very much for attending our ikebana class and writing a review for us! We are really glad to know the class was beyond your expectation. Your comment is too good for me, but i'd like to accept it with gratitude. As we ourselves enjoy meeting a variety of people, if you liked the atmosphere, that's our biggest pleasure. We hope you had a great time in Japan and we'll see you again in the near future. Thank you so much!!

Best Regards,

Tea Ceremony

Everything went great! First class service, joyful people and beautiful place. We learned the basics on tea ceremony: how to entry the room, how to prepare tea and drink it. I will not give more details so that you can discover it on you’re own. A must when visiting Kyoto! Thanks again.

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Dear Rafael,
Thank you very much for visiting us for our tea ceremony session and having a quality time with us!
And it is sweet of you to write a kind review for us already!!!!
Your comment leave more fun for other people who are interested in tea ceremony to discover!

Thank you so much and hope you have more wonderful time in Japan!

Warm regards,

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Ami Kyoto - Experience Japanese Culture

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