I started Guide Business in English with a certificate of National guide. I visited most of National park and The World Heritage Sites in Japan. As I have learned Japanese culture, history, and so on from them. I would like to introduce international tourists such things through my experience. My main work area is Tochigi prefecture. Lately I made up three tour guide courses. #1 Visit Shrine and Temples in Nikko, #2 Visit Mashiko-city, one of the most famous pottery town, #3 Cycling & Hiking Oku-Nikko. So I'm waiting for your reservation.

You can reserve any time through my Home page. http://interculturalcycletours.jimdo.com


この度、①日光の寺社、②陶芸の町益子、③奥日光へのハイキング・サイクリング を3つの柱にしてツアーを企画し、皆様の参加をお待ちしています。

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