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RIB Adventure cruise Lake Towada National Park!
“Mysterious lake” Lake Towada power boat cruise!!
Conquer Lake Towada completely! We will cruise for over 21km!
Jungle cruise in the depths of Lake Towada with using the safety and speed of a military boat!
We will show you some great landscapes which you have hardly ever seen!

Departure from Yasumiya area near The Bronze Statue of Maidens!
RIB Pioneer’s cruise for 50 minutes with a guided tour! The boat captain and tour guide, who has a national license in sailing, will guide you to the National park.

Our destination is the most sacred place in the protected area of the National Park!
You can witness the incredible beauty of Nature & History.

The boat used in all our tours is an imported RIB boat, which is officially used by special forces in England.
We will guide you to the protected areas in Lake Towada national park thanks to the RIB boat stability and speed!

This boat tour cruises around the untouched areas of land in Lake Towada. It is near the Fortune-telling area “Uranaiba” which is known as the most spiritual place, and Ki-iwa rock which is said to be the image of Nansonobo who had austere training in Kumano, and became Lake Towada’s guardian.
And we also cruise Omuro which is a mysterious cave, Tsurugi-iwa rock (it looks like a sword), Eboshi-iwa rock (it looks like the headgear worn by noblemen in court attire) and Byobu-iwa rock (it looks like a folding screen), which are certified as scenic spots in Lake Towada.
We will also see Jigomori inlet overflowing with spring water and very rare Roppouseki stone (hexagonal stone) are seen from a close distance while cruising around the Yasumiya area. Moreover during this adventure cruise you have a chance to see wild animals!

Anyone can participate to RIB Pioneer’s boat cruises!
We strongly welcome international customers.

What we, the crew members, would really like to convey within our dynamic RIB boat’s performance as a matter of course, is how important is it to protect the beautiful nature left in this country and to pass it down the next generations.

◆Boat cruise Guide◆
“Welcome to Japan” special deal!

Adult : 5000 yen ( regular price 6000 yen)
Child (age 4 to 11) : 2000 yen ( regular price 3000 yen)
*Children aged 3 or under : free
*Boarding fare, life jacket, PB insurance are included in the price.

・Tour time : 50 minutes
*Please complete pre-boarding procedures at the reception at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

・Limited to 12 people per cruise
*Minimum number of passengers : 2
*We accept reservations from 1 person.

・Payment methods : Please make the payment on the day by cash or credit cards.

・ Cancellation Policy
The day before : no charge
On the day : 50% of cruising price
If the cancellation is not announced or in case of no show, we will charge you 100% of the price.

*Please contact us until 6 pm on the day before, in case of changing the reservation or cancellation.
*No cancellation for rain. But if it rains on the day, you can cancel the cruising tour at your request. There will be no charge for the cancellation.

*It will be cancelled for security reasons if there is stormy weather and strong wind.

◆We accept online reservations up to 3 hours before departure.
It is possible to participate in RIB tours until just before departure, if there are seats available. Please feel like to contact us!

◆Please let us know the number of participants for reservations.
* Adult, Child (age 4 to 11) and Infant (under 3 years) : ---- people

◆ Contact us ◆
RIB Pioneer リブパイオニア
486 Yasumiya, Towada-kohan, Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori
(〒018-5501 青森県十和田市奥瀬十和田湖畔休屋486)
TEL : 090-7321-3956 (Contact & Reservation)
e-mail :
web :

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青森県十和田市奥瀬十和田湖畔休屋486(486 Yasumiya, Towada-kohan, Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori JAPAN )
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