"Experience KENDO" offers authentic BUSHIDO ("WAY OF SAMURAI") learning and understanding experience through the basic training of traditional martial arts, KENDO ("WAY OF SWORD"). Tomoyoshi, the instructor, will give you a short lecture on how ancient swordsmanship of SAMURAI later developed into KENDO. He will share the heroic stories of ancient SAMURAIS including his own great-grandfather, Yoshishige Hayashi, but also the devastating influence of BUSHIDO philosophy to this nation and his family into extremism especially in the period of WW2. He will end his story on how redemption came and led him to the current inner peace and to the life of pacifist.

After the lecture, you will wear all the KENDO armors and will learn the basic KENDO movements. At the end, you will get to do the KENDO match to each other. Upon successfully completing the workshop, you will receive a beautifully designed “Certificate of Experience”. This will be a once in a life time great experience! Tomoyoshi will teach you everything in English. Q&A is always welcomed. Photo taking is freely allowed. It is a very safe family activity but exciting enough to meet your adventurous expectation. We are confident that this is one of the best workshops you can find in this kind!

Experience KENDO's Information

Office: 27-10 Nishihachiokacho Uzumasa Ukyoku Kyoto
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Business Hours

月 14:00 - 16:00

火 定休日

水 09:30 - 11:30

木 定休日

金 14:00 - 16:00

土 定休日

日 定休日

Reviews (38)

  • クービックユーザー 男性

    Experience kendo was an excellent event. The organisers were really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Lots of fun and I learnt quite a lot too.

  • Cameron-Bell Ali 女性

    I loved this experience. The history of samurai and kendo was fascinating and actually one part that made this session. The instruction was at a good pace and there is no holding back, you get the full experience of kendo. It's something I've wanted to do when I was a kid and I'm so glad I did this, especially being in the oldest dojo in the world. Just do it! What's not to like about channelling your inner samurai or Jedi?

  • クービックユーザー 男性

    Fantastic experience!!

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