*English is below. 2006年にオープン、日本で最初にポールダンスをニューヨークから新しいダンス&フィットネスとして取り入れた最初のポールダンス&エアリアル専門スタジオ!体験レッスン常時受付中!



◾️体験¥2,500(初回1回のみ)/ 1回




◾️会員¥4,400 / 1回

◾️ビジター(非会員)¥5,500 / 1回

◾️5回レッスンチケット有効期限2ヶ月 / ¥19,500 (継続割 /1回あたり¥3,900)、¥19,900 (通常)

◾️10回レッスンチケット有効期限3ヶ月 / ¥36,730 (継続割 /1回あたり¥3,673)、¥37,730 (通常)

◾️10回オープンポールチケット(ポールダンス自主練習用)有効期限3ヶ月 / ¥16,500

◾️10回オープンエアリアルチケット (エアリアル自主練習用)有効期限3ヶ月 / ¥18,150

◾️旅行者チケット(会員登録なしでどなたでも何度でもご購入が可能)有効期限1週間 / ¥11,400

*継続割とは?→ http://www.poledancetokyo.com/info/keizokuwari/












1. 1回のレッスン料金がビジターより毎回1,000円も安い「会員価格」になります。

2. さらにお得な5回、10回のレッスンチケットをご購入出来ます。

3. レッスンチケットの継続割が受けれます。

4. パーティ、イベントの割引・ゲスト枠や参加資格・優先入場などが受けられます。

5. お友達ご紹介キャンペーンが適応されます!(会員様がお友達をご紹介(新規会員登録)いただきますと、 会員様にはレッスン1,000円OFFチケットを、お友達の方は入会金が半額になります。)

6. シャワーご利用が無料です。(ビジター様は1回¥500)






Opened in 2006, we are the first studio in Japan to introduce pole dance from New York as a new style of dance and fitness! We have multilingual instructors and classes available!

*All listed prices are including tax.

【Trial fee】*First timer only.

◾️2,500 yen per class

【Ticket】*5 and 10 class tickets are available only for members.

◾️Member 4,400 yen per class

◾️Visitor 5,500 yen per class

◾️5 class ticket (valid for 2 months) 19,500 yen (With continuity discount / 3,900 yen per class), 19,900 yen (Regular price)

◾️10 class ticket (valid for 3 months) 36,730 yen (With continuity discount / 3,673 yen per class), 37,730 yen (Regular price)

◾️10-hour open pole ticket (valid for 3 months) 16,500 yen

◾️10-hour open aerial ticket (valid for 3 months) 18,150 yen

◾️Tourist ticket(No registration required)valid for one week 11,400 yen

*About continuity discount → http://www.poledancetokyo.com/e/info/continuitydiscount/

*Tickets are available for all classes.

*Refunds are not possible.

*Expired tickets cannot be used.

*We have a kids fee for kids who is 3 to 16 years old. For more information, please visit our website.

【Membership fee】

Regular registration 13,200 yen for two years.

☆☆☆New Promotion☆☆☆

1. Registering on the day you took a trial class, you will get 2 years membership with a 50% discount registration fee! 6,600 yen

2. SPECIAL! Registering on the day you took a trial class and purchase a 10 class ticket, you will get FREE 2 years membership!

*We will additionally charge 1,100 yen for sports insurance.

【Membership Benefits】

1. Discount on drop-in class fees

2. 5 and 10 class discount package tickets available

3. Continuity discount for continued package purchases

4. Priority entrance and guest passes to parties and events

5. First to get the latest information

6. Friend Referral Program! Refer your friend and their membership fee will be reduced to 6,600 yen. Once they have registered, you will also receive a 1,000 yen discount ticket that can be used for any of our classes (valid for 1 month)

7. Free use of shower facilities (Non-members 500 yen)

【Pole Dance Tokyo】

Pole Dance Tokyo was established in 2006 and is the largest pole dance and aerial dance studio in Tokyo, Japan. With 15 poles, 6 aerial equipment, 4m ceiling height, each student gets their own poles and will not be shared with others!

We are locating in the centre of Tokyo, Japan. Just 3 min walk from Akasaka Station, Akasaka Mitsuke Station, Roppongi within walking distance.

Pole dance, chair dance, contortion, aerial tissue, aerial hoop, circus training class, etc. are being held every day! Trial classes are always accepted!

In this superb environment, we offer fun classes tailored to each individual's level, from beginners to experienced students. *Pole dance level 1 (introduction) class is a welcome class for absolute beginners who have no previous pole experience.

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    Always enjoy the class with Aira-san.

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    Pole Dance Lv.1&2 ポールダンスレベル1&2 / Michiko

    The load is evenly distributed. Trainer is kind.

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