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Ikebana Studio Atelier SOKA

Ikebana Studio Atelier SOKA

5-17-16-105, Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Ikebana Studio - Atelier SOKA is hosting Ikebana Experience ( Japanese flower arrangement) for tourists in English and we also have regular classes at 3 studios in Tokyo (Setagaya and Omote-sando and Roppongi).

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Ikebana is not just a flower arrangement but an art. Looking forward to seeing you at our studios in Tokyo. All lessons are conducted in English.

Mika Otani who leads Atelier SOKA is an active Ikebana artist . She is making a powerful huge arrangement in movie studios, events, restaurants, and fashion show.
A certified Ikebana master, 1st grade professor (RIJI in Japanese), authorized by Sogetsu School of Ikebana, one of the top Ikebana schools in Japan.

You can check a lot of her works on Instagram. Instagram ID is mikaotani_flowers.


4.9(27 Reviews)

アトリエ双香・体験レッスン 予約ページ

アトリエ双香・生徒さん専用予約ページ Atelier Soka Students


Fun Ikebana Experience at Ryokan for 100 mins

The instructor was excellent. She was helpful and encouraging. My Ikebana arrangement came out looking great and I learned a lot about the theory and symmetry behind the arrangements. This was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it anyone visiting Japan.